Joyful Life Acupuncture & Healing Center is a complete treatment clinic
dedicated to the integrating body mind & spirit and helping each patient achieve not only relief of symptoms but also a greater understanding of the message their dis- ease brings. 
Helping them back on the path of their destiny and fulfillment of their life's purpose through compassionate listening from the heart and guidance in choosing the right tools to help them to a greater understanding of their physical bodies and their emotional and spiritual selves. Using tools offered through Traditional Chinese Medicine: acupuncture, massage therapy, Qi Gong, meditation classes on Chinese medicine & Daoist theory, herbal medicine, and diet and nutrition. 

Owner, Carla McClure, LAc, is a graduate of the esteemed Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, California, with a Master’s of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (MSTCM). She specializes in Women’s Health, 5 Element Acupuncture, Integrative Sports Medicine, trauma, orthopedics, and pediatrics. 
Carla is currently completing a Clinical Doctorate in Asian medicine  (DAOM) specializing in Gynecology with special emphasis on Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery & post partum care of Mother & Baby. She also has a secondary specialization in pain Management.

She has had great success in helping to relieve both acute and chronic pain incurred from accidents, injuries and surgeries.

​McClure brings 15 years of Western Herbology and diet and nutrition, as well as 18 years of sports and deep tissue massage, Applied Kinesiology, and reflexology to her impressive resume.

As an active athlete and coach, McClure provides excellent movement analysis and has helped athletes improve their performance with muscle re-education in posture and movement. 

Carla helped to establish a clinic treating PTSD and associated symptoms for Veterans and Active Duty Military personnel and their families, specializing in treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, and concussive head injuries with trauma to the brain using both ear and scalp acupuncture.
Joyful Life Acupuncture & Healing Center