"The massage and acupuncture worked wonders. When are you coming back?" 
- Dot R., Santa Cruz

Pre & Post Treatment
Please arrive for your appointment wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Be sure to eat something before you arrive, but avoid eating a large, heavy meal right before coming in. Also try to leave yourself some time after the treatment to continue to relax and drink plenty of water. A single treatment session may include any of the following techniques:

Acupuncture with Needle Insertion
Thin sterile filiform needles are gently inserted into specific acupoints on the body. Carla has developed her own gentle needling style that is painless, and uses Qi and intention for a smooth gentle painless insertion. The sensation of needle insertion varies from person to person and can also vary depending on the area of the body being needled. At times you may feel a small pinch at the moment of insertion, but you may feel nothing at all. After insertion you might notice a feeling of heaviness, warmth, tingling or even an electric sensation. Most patients fall into a deep healing meditative state that seems like they are sleeping or deeply resting.

Acupressure with Finger Touch or Pressure
Practitioner will hold two points and movie Qi between them or massage them.

Laser Point Stimulation For sensitive patients we can use a red laser for point stimulation instead of needles. Often we use a laser with children.

Moxibustion or Moxa
Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy that involves the burning of the medicinal herb mugwort. Your acupuncturist will burn a small quantity of mugwort either on or near the skin in order to warm and move Qi and blood. As a patient, you will experience a warming and relaxing sensation.

Cupping is a therapy used to stimulate acupuncture points by applying mild suction through the use of small glass cups. Cupping is often used for muscle tension, backaches, sprains, soft tissue injuries, fluid congestion in the lungs, and detoxification. This therapy will often leave a red mark on the body that will dissipate within a few days.