Chinese medicine to support Fertility & conception:

Dr. Carla has studied with several Chinese Medicine fertility specialists and with Dr Christo Zouves MD, a world renowned fertility and IVF specialist who has a prominent IVF clinic in Foster City, CA

Dr. Carla will review your compete health history and will take into account diet, nutrition, Blood Type and supplements and will look at lab work to address issues such as Thyroid dysfunction, MTHFR and Leiden Factor V clotting disorders which can contribute to frequent miscarriage.

Dr. Carla has helped  many couples achieve pregnancy even after they have tried assisted reproductive therapies. She will use your health history and Basal Body temperature charting to design a custom herbal medicine program for each couple.

Changes in diet and adding supplements can help to change and optimize DNA in eggs and sperm. It does take 3 to 6 months to get best results, as it takes 3 months for changes to reach a new set of cells in eggs and sperm.

Acupuncture will be offered  1 to 2 times a week for 5 to 24 weeks depending on each case and whether patients are using IVF. All acupuncture protocols used are based on clinical trail research conducted worldwide.

The following information is from WedMD on Acupuncture for fertility:

"One 2011 study published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine reviewed clinical trials, studies and case reports. It suggested that within a 4 month period couples with fertility issues were twice as likely to conceive using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) than they were when using Western fertility drugs or IVF.

"When talking about research we must also bear in mind the clinical evidence and research that has come from over 1,500 years of Chinese medicine treating fertility issues," says Chinese medicine expert Andrew Loosely.

"There is a great amount of evidence accumulated by thousands of practitioners in China, and around the world, who have and are helping couples to conceive their families against the odds," adds Andrew."